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Welcome to Custom Service Solutions, Inc. where we concentrate on keeping your operations running in top
condition! We sell, install, and service the following products at your location, guaranteeing your complete

* MiJET: Air Powered Parts Cleaner and Oil Mist Collection

MiJET stands next to your CNC machine or inspection station and uses an existing shop air line for blowing coolant
and debris off of parts. At the same time the part is being blown off, vacuum is also sucking the debris and coolant
down into a container below. This combination of air blast and suction keeps your shop and operators cleaner. Oil
mist is captured keeping the air cleaner, floors cleaner, and saves money by allowing you to recycle expensive

* Firetrace: Fire Suppression Designed for Enclosed Environments

Firetrace fire suppression systems are designed for enclosed areas such as CNC equipment, fume hoods, electrical
cabinets, large vehicle engine compartments, ductwork, and others.

* 3nine: High Air Purification, Low Maintenance Costs, Flexible, and Green Technology

3nine provides innovative green technology for oil / smoke collection and separation which dramatically improves the
shop environment, saves lubrication / coolant costs, reduces noise levels, and provides for minimal maintenance
costs and time.