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Arc Drilling Inc. is a second-generation, family owned and operated, electrical discharge machining (EDM) house. In business since 1968, Arc Drilling is a complete EDM job shop consisting of all disciplines of EDM that includes CNC Sinker EDM with Robotics, CNC Wire EDM and CNC Fast Hole EDM technologies. In addition high-speed electrode manufacturing is processed in house to keep pace with today’s demanding delivery schedules.

Arc Drilling Inc. will strive to continuously improve its products and production processes to better satisfy the needs and expectation of its customers, and will deliver to them, on time and every time, defect-free products and services.

Fast Hole EDM

Wire EDM

Sinker EDM

EDM Applications

●Machining of exotic and hardened materials
●Metric and inch hole threading
●Plastic injections inserts and molds
●Forging dies
●Stamping die and punch forms
●Small burr-free hole drilling
●Flow holes for aerospace fuel components
●Manufacturing of medical implant aids
●Machining of turbine blade configurations
●Form tools and oblique rack cutters

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