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Centerless Grinding

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Precision Centerless Grinding

Serving the Centerless Grinding needs of our valued customers since 1988, with a combined experience in centerless grinding of over 100 years. We are located in a 7500 square foot facility in Johnston, Rhode Island.

Services And Capabilities

Infeed, Form, and Step Grinding.

Thrufeed Grinding up to 6" Diameter.

Barstock and Wire to .020" *

Experienced in Grinding Steel, Aluminum, Plastics, Rubber, Carbon, Glass, and Copper, as well as, Aerospace Materials.

Tolerances as Close as .0001 for Smaller Diameter Infeed and Form Grinding.

Surface Finishes to 4 Ra

10 Centerless Grinding Machines (2 Machines Equipped With Computers)

Supporting Equipment: Surface Grinder, Lathe, Milling Machine, 50 Ton Hydraulic Hand Press, Drill Press, Welding Equipment, and an Arbor Press

Forklift, 5000 lb Capacity (With Boom, 1800 lb Capacity)