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MPM manufactures machined metal and plastic components and assemblies to our customer s specifications. Our current customers are original equipment manufacturers in the commercial, aerospace, medical, oil tool, and semiconductor industries.

We also offer a full array of Value-Added manufacturing services including:
● Mechanical Assembly
● Engineering Assistance
● Prototyping Automated
● Machining Swiss Machining
● Inventory Management

We can also facilitate a fully integrated, multi-level product, bringing together our many approved sources for sheet metal, plastic injection, etc. to provide our customer with a turnkey product or subassembly
Since 1975, MPM has worked to build its infrastructure and the systems to handle a significant amount of business. We have worked aggressively to grow internally, from a new larger facility, to additional employees, to additional equipment. We have also concentrated on building strong relationships with our customers and vendors to ensure strategic alignment.

MPM has built machine components and subassembly systems that assist our customers in taking their product to market as quickly and painlessly as possible. To compliment this, we are implementing strategic expansions to offer our customers additional value-added services to integrate and support the manufacturing process.

Moseys Production Machinists, Inc. is proud to announce that as of December 4, 2012, our team has achieved both AS 9100 and ISO 9001 certifications. Our leadership and craftsmen are committed to continuous improvement and the highest standards, to earn a place as an extension of our customers' capabilities. From aerospace to medical, from hydraulics to machine parts, and in our engineering collaboration, MPM is focused on building close linkage to your processes. We thank our dedicated team of employees for their learning and attention to detail. It makes all the difference.